The initial idea of having a German School, being able to offer a German education for the children and bringing closer the German culture and language to the Nicaraguan youth, first came to life during a meet-up at the German Club on May 21st in 1934. The idea was welcomed so warmly that shortly after a committee was established regarding the school. The German School was quickly registered with the Nicaraguan authorities and recognized as an educational institution. The School was also recognized by the German authorities and given a one off subvention of 2000 Reichsmark.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and looking forward to starting the German School. Unfortunately the II World War ended the project before it was ready to begin. Only on the 1st of December 1967 the idea was being taken on again. For this reason, the year 1967 is considered as the Schools founding year. In August 1968 the school started operating and inaugurated its Kindergarten with its first teacher, Ursula Pook. Initially the school rented a country house located at KM 13.5 Carretera Sur for a time period of two years as their school building. This had many advantages for the little ones.

The school community was proud that a lot of parents from their host country Nicaragua put their trust in the German education and enrolled their children at the German School. Roughly half of the children were Nicaraguans and apart from the German children quite a few children had parents from Switzerland, the United States, England or France creating an international environment. As time passed the school building was getting too small. Therefore the School was transferred to KM 10.5 Carretera Sur, where an estate was bought. In 1972 the first classrooms were constructed and inaugurated soon after. Luckily the new buildings were not harmed during the earthquake in December 1972. As a matter of fact the German School was the first school in Managua to continue its classes after the earthquake.

In 1975 the primary school (until sixth grade) was completed and the question came up of how to continue. The need for a secondary school was obvious. Both the board of directors and the principals saw the necessity of creating a secondary school. Already in 1976 the secondary school was completed so that the German School as an institution now offered an education ranging from Kindergarten to secondary school. In 1980/81 the German School for the first time comprised classes from 1st grade elementary school to 11th grade and the first group of students graduated successfully being awarded their high school diplomas.  



Looking at our growth in numbers show how successful we are: 

1967: 14   students
1977: 290 students
1987: 295 students
1997: 570 students
2007: 690 students
2011: 805 students
2012: 819 students
2013: 823 students
2014: 849 students

So far we count with 600 graduates and 30 graduation celebrations.